Christmas Lights: A Card Game


Christmas Lights: A Card Game


You can pre-order a copy now, but it will not ship until the retail release date.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time to open up the boxes of Christmas decorations, untangle the lights, replace broken bulbs, and decorate the tree. To have a bit of fun, you’ve decided to compete with your fellow decorators to see who can build their sets of lights the fastest. Sift through the bulbs, exchange information, and arrange them in the right order as you trade and build your strands. Ho ho ho!

Players swap, play, trade and draw Christmas Light Bulbs into their own sets of lights in an attempt to be the first to complete two sets. The game also includes additional rules from different designers (Christopher Chung, Chad Elkins, Daniel Zayas, Don Riddle, & more!) for 11 bonus games suitable for very young gamers and adults. These bonus games include modified rules for classics like Memory and Old Maid as well as brand new original designs. Holiday fun for the entire family!

Components: 100 cards, 2 rulebooks (main game and bonus games), 1 box. Tons of fun!

  • 2-6 Players

  • 10-30 Minutes

  • Ages 6+

  • Makes a great stocking stuffer or holiday gift

  • Rules for 12 different games provide wide range of styles suitable for any gamer of all ages!

Check the game out on BoardGameGeek

We have a few wooden ornaments left from our Kickstarter campaign. They are approx 3 inches tall and feature the same reindeer design from the game. They will fit inside the box and work as a great first player marker if you don’t want to hang it on your tree. Please send us a message to inquire about availability and we can add it to your order. The cost is $5 per ornament.

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